Josee & Mike

When we first found our dream house, we weren’t even sure we were ready to purchase, much less sell our current home. That’s when we contacted Irwin and Mindi, who took care of setting up the necessary appointments for viewing. At this time they also presented us with all the information they felt we would need to make a well-informed decision without ever making us feel obligated to use them for either parts of the transaction. Needless to say, their guidance became indispensable to us from this day forward. With the purchase of a country home like ours, there were many questions that needed to be asked and Irwin knew to ask them. He also helped us organize the appropriate inspections, with reputable contractors, and helped us understand the findings of these inspections and their impact on our purchasing decision. Throughout all of this, Irwin was a “voice of reason” for us, making us realise what was truly important to us and making sure that we got it. Then came the time to sell. Not an easy decision by any means, despite the impending purchase of our new dream home. Once again Irwin and Mindi walked us through every step of the process and took the time to listen to our concerns and guide our decisions based on these. The house sold within our desired time frame. Over all we were very satisfied with the service that Irwin and Mindi provided us and were many times even comforted by our decision to have asked them to represent us.


Thanks Irwin and Mindi! Job well done!