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Get your home ready for the busy season!

Selling your home is an exciting and bustling time. It’s a  lot like fishing.  You bait the hook and wait for buyers to come and bite. We get the home ready, our REALTOR® lists our home and then we wait! The piece of this process that many don’t touch on is how to maintain our show-ready home. Here are some ways to keep the a show home ready for any visits.

Start Packing
Before you paint, fix up, or repair anything, the first thing you should do so your home is show-ready is the simplify.  What do you absolutely need to survive for the next month? Once your  essentials needs are determined, begin to pack away all of the unimportant items. This decluttered will help you keep your home is showing shape.  Remember, buyers do not want to see how you live but want to imagine themselves living in what for now is your home.
New habits
Developing new lifestyle habits will keep you on top of the little chores that have a tendency to pile up. Start the day by making the beds, putting all dirty laundry in hampers, taking out the garbage and touching up the kitchen and bathrooms. When an interested buyer comes to call, it will serve you well to complete several small tasks ahead of time. The more that you do as you go about your day, the less you will have to scramble at the last second.

A place for small things
Go to your local discount store and purchase canvas bin or a wicker basket for rooms in the home that tend to get clutters such as play rooms, family rooms and children’s bedrooms. These will be invaluable as your “last second” spaces to toss any disorganised clutter  into when a buyer is visiting. Toys, accessories, mail, or the like will have a spot to quickly hide-away. Keep it coordinated with the room’s decor so it appears that it’s always been there.

Meal Time
For many of us, especially those who work from home or have small children, meal times always prove to mess up a lovely staged kitchen. Don’t be afraid of disposable cutlery and dishware during the showing process. This will cut down on dishes and give you more time to touch up other spaces before a showing.  It’s a small financial investment that can grow the value of your home by having it in tip top shape.
If you know there is a showing taking place later on in the evening, let’s for example say 6:30 to 7:30 pm. don’t cook foods with strong odours.  Fish, broccoli, fragrant spices such as chilli and curry can leave an odour i nthe home that some might find unpleasant.  While cooking any foods, keep the hood fan running and if weather permits, open a few windows.

Quick Tip
During busy periods for showings such as weekends, try treating yourselves to dinner out especially is there is a showing booked.

A showing checklist
Draft a checklist of last minute items to do before you head out. Put all the toilet lids down, close the shower curtains and read this shower guide to implement some improvements in advance, shine the faucets and sinks, hide away evidence of pets if possible, run the vacuum, turn on any scent devices (such as an oil diffuser or plug-in scents but be careful to not over do it), and make sure your home is bright with artificial and natural lighting. You may get a call for more showings while you are already out, so take along anything you may need for the next few hours.

With these tips in mind, the showing process should produce better results, less stress and a more pleasant listing and selling experience.

You can always contact us for more information on how to get your home ready and what we can do for you! or 613-825-9710

Ottawa! A great city to invest in!

Increase year over year 2016So, you live in the GTA or the Golden Horse Shoe area of Ontario.  You have a family and you want to get into a first home or larger home.  Well, good luck!

For those of you already home owners you must be thinking that you have hit the jackpot.  The value of your home has been increasing by leaps and bounds.  It’s on the news every day.  Why not sell your home now and reap the profits?  Well, you still need somewhere to live don’t you?  So if you think in a booming market you’re going to sell high and buy low, you might want to re-think that.

Ottawa offers a great place to live and work.  Remember that dream; work, life, balance??

rlp ad

Click the link for a PDF view.  Increase year over year 2016

As this recent newspaper ad demonstrates, the real estate market in Ottawa has been stable and growing over 60 years.  In that time, (1961, 1962, 1994, 1995 & 1996) only 5 years have shown negative growth.  There have been the few odd years in the early 1970’s that growth in value was explosive but for the most part, Ottawa is stable and steady with very few booms and almost no busts.  It’s like blue chip stocks, not overly exciting but good, steady and safe growth.

Want more info on the Ottawa market, send an email to and we’ll be happy get you the information you want and need.



Hot market statistics are in the news again as they are every Spring.  The good news for sellers is that so far this year it has been a seller’s market, for the most part.

Simply, it’s a dangerous assumption to think and act like these news bits and stats are a sure thing that your home has gained in value and demand.  It may be hard to believe but even in a city the size of Ottawa (as compared with much larger centres such as Toronto, Vancouver and Montreal) that section of the city only a few kilometres away can have a different real estate market.

A perfect example is the Glebe and lets say Barrhaven.  Yes, there is a large spread of housing in between but for this example it highlights our thoughts.

The Glebe is always a hot market.  Close to downtown, Parliament Hill and trendy living style.  There is a shortage of housing as the neighbourhoods in and around the Glebe have already been built up.  Westboro has been referred to as the NEW Glebe.  It also offers trendy shopping, desirable housing and closer to downtown than the suburbs.  But, like the Glebe, the amount of new construction is limited.  Barrhaven is family oriented, affordable, lots of choice in housing, lots of land for continuous building and a great place to raise a family with lots of schools and shopping.  The amount of housing available from resale and new construction can generally service the demand.

So, when we hear that the Ottawa market has had an overall increase in real estate values, caution must be taken.  Price can rise dramatically in the Glebe & Westboro yet fall in Barrhaven. There are many reasons this can happen but without getting into a long discussion, supply and demand is the core reason.

The moral of the story??  Have a professional REALTOR® who knows your neighbourhood do an in depth Comparative Market Analysis or CMA.  This is the process in which we search our vast data base and pull actively for sale properties and those recently sold that come as close as possible to matching your home.  We look at several criteria when producing your customised CMA.  Location, size, number of rooms including number of bathrooms and bedrooms, amenities such as finished basements, hot tubs, swimming pools, fencing and others, age of home, improvements, upgrades, updates, renovations and other factors.

Don’t rely on news reports and overall stats.  Call or write us today for your FREE CMA!

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As the Spring market gets started and more and more properties come on line “For Sale”, you’re bound to start seeing a growing number of  “Coming Soon” signs or banners on these homes.  It’s suppose to get buyers excited and move fast.  It lets the buyer believe that once this property hits the market it will go fast as demand must be building!


In order to have a “For Sale” sign on a property that is on the MLS® system, there must be a listing agreement between the seller and agent.  This simply means that the home is listed under contract but the seller has decided to not allow the public in for various reasons.  There can be legitimate reasons for not wanting buyers through your home just yet.  Maybe the home isn’t ready and needs repairs of painting.  maybe new carpeting or hardwood floors have been ordered but not yet installed. OR, maybe the listing agent has his/her own motive.


A few months ago, CBC’s Market Place did a story on the real estate industry and the subject of “Coming Soon” and other tactics like this were explored.  Buyers, using their own agents to represent them would try to get into a listed property only to be told that there were no showings yet or the property was “Coming Soon”.  It turns out that the listing agent actually sold the property to someone he was working with and “double Ended” the sale (meaning he was able to collect both the listing and the selling side of the commission).  The other buyer was shocked.  Not only did the sale take place during the “Coming Soon” period but sold for less that the buyer, who really wanted that home, was willing to pay.  This is not an isolated incident.  Many of the agents secretly interviewed by Market Place boasted that they double end up to 80% of their listings.  We’ve been in the industry for almost 30 years and we can tell you that even 50% of sales by one agent (the listing agent) is a staggering number.  In the hotter markets such as Toronto, it seems to happen often but this practise is catching on in other markets including Ottawa.


Who benefits really is the key.  The client, in this case the Seller, should benefit fist and foremost.  We believe that the agents should not benefit at all except for the commission that the seller and agent have agreed to in a written listing contract.  One primary pillar of our industry is to work in the best interest of our clients.  Another is to be fair to all whether they are our client, another agent’s client or just members of the public.

The benefit of “Coming Soon” can benefit the seller by creating excitement and potentially multiple offers but does that out-way the benefit of exposing the seller’s property to hundreds of potential buyers and their agents?  The evidence is no!  Keeping a property on the QT offers no benefit to the seller.  Why?  Because without MLS® exposure, the number of prospective buyer who will see that a specific property is available will be extremely limited to the listing agent’s own contacts.  The more exposure, the more viewings, the more activity the better the results.  This is why the MLS® system was developed, to give access to all buyers and agents in order to create the highest demand.




The simple and clear answer is no.  Just because an agent uses “Coming Soon” does not mean that there intentions are questionable.  They may believe that this tactic works, and in some cases it does.  The seller may request that the agent use this tactic and as long as it’s done properly, legally and within our Board’s rules, we have no issue with it.  But be cautious when hiring an agent that pushes this tactic on you.  Make sure that the representative explains exactly how the tactic works and what he or she is and is not allowed to do.  Make sure they explain the pros and cons.  In other words, make a smart and informed decision.

We are always here to answer your questions on this or any other subject.  Please write us at

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