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This winter has been a cold one and sadly it’s not over yet!We often wonder why we would live in a place where it gets to -30 degrees.  We’re sure you’ve done the same! Although we can’t do anything about the weather, we can do various things the keep cosy in these freezing temperatures.

Add Area Rugs
It has been said that up to 10% of heat escapes out from your floors, making area rugs a great addition to any room not just because of the colour and style they bring, but also for their practical use.

Use Your Fireplace
Fireplaces are the best when living in a cold climate. There is nothing like sitting beside the fire with friends and family, defrosting from the weather outside. It is important to have your fireplace (gas fireplace and wood burning) inspected before the winter season in order to ensure that it works and is safe.

Run Ceiling Fans Clockwise
This may seem like a silly idea but this actually works to keep a room warm. Hot air rises so when fans are circulating clockwise, they direct the warm air downward toward you.  In the Summer reverse the fan and it will pull cool air up from the floor the help cool the room.

Seal All Windows and Doors
Ensure that all of your windows and doors are completely sealed from the outside as this can dramatically increase your energy bills and make your home cold. This may seem like an obvious tip, yet most people tend to ignore the drafts of cold air coming from their doors and windows.  There are many do-it-yourself products to aid in this but at some point, you may want to look at replacing old windows especially if they are showing a lot of wear and tear.

Change Your Sheets
Your bed: the comfy and cosiest place in your home. If you find yourself still a little chilly laying in bed during these dark and frigid winter nights, look to invest in some warm sheets. Flannel is a great material for warm winter sheets as it is thick and does a good job of insulating your body heat. If all else fails, add some comfy throw blankets too!

Invest in a quality thermostat
There are a multitude of thermostats on the market today.  You can get everything from a simple older style one setting thermostat to high tech WiFi ones that you control from your smart phone from anywhere in the world.  Get the best that fits your budget.  It will help not only keep your home warm but reduce your energy costs and energy footprint.




Does personal one on one Service matter anymore?

The testimonial below seems to say that YES!  Even in this fast paced, tech driven, Twitter blasting, youtube watching world, great service, experience and extensive knowledge really do matter; at least when it comes to selling real estate. Write us.  We’ll tell you more about how we can get you great results!

For a second time we found ourselves in the care of Mindi & Irwin Hartman to sell a home for us. It was without hesitation that we called upon them for a second time, this time to sell my mother’s home.

From previous experience I knew what I could expect from Mindi & Irwin in selling a home. I was not disappointed; in fact my expectations were exceeded!

It starts from the very beginning with a friendly call, personal visits, and detailed market analysis and in my case investigation into future land development plans. I knew I could rely on Mindi & Irwin for this superior service but it was the “above & beyond” expert advice and assistance that places them at the top in comparison to other realtors in the area. On my behalf and my great relief, Mindi & Irwin arranged house cleaning, painting and furnace servicing while I was away and greeted each contractor. I appreciated how they recommended local businesses/contractors and at an affordable price. It didn’t stop there… Mindi & Irwin went out of their way to help stage the home and provided guidance into items that may need attention around the home. They offered expert advice and direction and took the time to discuss staging and market pricing decisions. With that said, we had an offer in during the first 24 hours, above asking price and with a quick closing date as we preferred! Once the house was sold they continued to provide assistance in providing suggestions for junk removal as well as selling and donating items. All of which was extremely helpful.

Should we find ourselves in the market to sell or buy a home again we will not hesitate to call upon the Hartman team!

Thanks for making this sale happen!


The upward trend in real estate continued as prices continues to rise.  These increases are great for the industry as they are moderate yet continue to show strength in the Ottawa real estate market.

For those interested in the Barrhaven market in particular, the average sale price in October of 2017 was $374,543 as compared to $362,626 in 2016 and $356,061 in 2015.  This is consistent throughout this year.

For more inform on your neighbourhood, give us a call or send us an email.  We’ll be happy to share this valuable info with you.
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