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Barrhaven booming

New Car Dealers For Barrhaven!

As we’re sure many of you have seen, Barrhaven is getting its first new car dealerships.  Myers Toyota is open and coming soon is Barrhaven Honda.  This is great news.  More employment right in our neighbourhood, great convenience for those who want to buyer or service Honda or Toyota vehicles and these businesses will attract other businesses to service the every growing Barrhaven / South Nepean area.

As these dealerships are a great convenience to area residence, these additions to the community should have a positive affect on Barrahaven real estate values.  Let’s welcome these new businesses with open arms and if a Toyota or Honda are in your future, support these new local businesses.

Also coming is a Nissan, Chrysler/Jeep and Mazda dealerships.  Barrhaven is really booming.  All this new development will make Barrhaven real estate even more desirable and a better real estate investment.