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LED Lighting. Now the best choice!

LED lighting was pretty much reserved for those low output solar powered deck and garden lights we have seen for many years.  They were easy to install, no wiring and relatively cheap.  The only thing was they gave off very little light.

So, when household LED lights started to hit the market, most people including myself scoffed at the idea.  Plus, they were very expensive at $7.00 or more per bulb.  But in the last few years the prices have come down, the light output is as good if not better that the old incandescent bulb and there are a variety of colours from bright white to a warm yellowish glow.  And unlike the curly bulbs, they are attractive looking and do not need to warm up so you get instant light.

These new LED bulbs are the answer to lowering your energy use and cost in your home.  Barrhaven, Kanata, Orleans or Ottawa, reducing your costs is always a good idea. I have changed almost every bulb in my home and have noticed a difference in usage.  Can’t say it cost less as Ontario keeps raising the price of electricity but I’m sure I am still saving. For more solutions of this kind consult The price of these bulb have come down tremendously.  I just bought 24 bulbs a few weeks ago for only $1.00 ( with government rebate coupon) on sale at Canadian Tire in Barrhaven.  Usually in the fall, there are coupons for discounts issued by the Ontario Governments reducing the price of LED bulbs.  Another benefit are that they last thousands of house and most if not all are dimable so you can set the mood!

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