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The days are getting longer, the snow is melting and the real estate market is warming up!  YES, Spring is here, at lease for the real estate industry.

If you have been thinking of selling or buying, now is the time to put the effort in to make your real estate desires into action.  The market in Ottawa does get going this time of year and the time to prepare if you havn’t already is now.

There are many things you can do especially on the interior.

  1. Clean, clean, clean!  No one wants to see or buy a dirty or messy home.( Check out the iRobot roomba 900 series for a cleaner home)
  2. Paint.  Touch-ups or full painting is the most cost effective way and adding extra value and more money in your pocket.
  3. Repair.  Holes in the walls, broken faucets, chipped sinks, worn out flooring and old appliances should all be repaired or replaced as needed.  Don’t worry!  Spending money on new carpeting will make your home much more attractive to all buyers and boost the value of your home and help it sell quicker which in turn will all you to negotiate less and get more for your home.
  4. Except for outdoor areas, make sure your major components of your home are working.  Toronto furnace filter should be cleaned and tuned up to be at peak performance.  Many building inspections can fail due to dirty and poorly serviced HVAC systems.
  5. There are areas that you really can’t take care of yet but should be looked at as soon as possible. Roof, central air, pools, gardens and walkways are just a few of the external features of a home that should be checked, serviced and repaired once they are accessible. A&E Westchester Roofers is a roofing contractor that can help with all possible roof repair tasks.
  6. Finally value!  That’s where the knowledge and experience we offer comes in.  Yes, we will help in all aspects of your real estate needs.  Advice on buying including location concerns, inspections and market value assessments are all the areas we have been working in for over 25 years.  On the selling end we offer our assistance in getting your home ready including colour and staging assistance.  But when it comes to assessing the market value of your home, there is no substitute for our knowledge and experience.

We look at the neighbourhood, the history of sales, the present listings and measure the general temperature of the market.  We let you know what is influencing the market today and advise you on a asking price that reflects your home and market conditions.


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