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List Now or List Later in The Year?

This is a great question and one of the most common ones we get.  Sorry but there is not just one correct answer!  As with so many other things in real estate, the answer is “It depends”!

First and foremost is the reason for selling.  Are you being transferred?  Have you been looking for a new home for a while and have found the perfect one?  Is there a family situation that is causing you to sell your home?

These situation will determine when you will need to list your home and if one of these applies to you, then you’ll have to list your home when the situation demands.  You can’t avoid selling your home in December if you have to be at your new job in Calgary in January.

Now if you want to sell your home but have urgency and are “testing the market” then waiting until a more active time of the year might be a better choice.  So when would be a more active time?  Usually the Spring is our busiest time of year so listing then will usually give you the most showings and activity but it will also be a time when you will have the most competition.

We like to suggest to our clients who do not have a “must sell now” situation to consider mid to late February as a target date.  This has a great time of year as the pain from Christmas shopping is over and you can get onto the market just before the flood of other homes.  Plus, buyers looking at this time of year tend to be more serious and less just shopping around.

No matter what your situations is or when you need to or want to sell, we can offer you a unique blend of experience, knowledge and honesty.  Contact us by email or phone.  We’

ll be happy to discuss our marketing plans with you.

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