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Ottawa! A great city to invest in!

Increase year over year 2016So, you live in the GTA or the Golden Horse Shoe area of Ontario.  You have a family and you want to get into a first home or larger home.  Well, good luck!

For those of you already home owners you must be thinking that you have hit the jackpot.  The value of your home has been increasing by leaps and bounds.  It’s on the news every day.  Why not sell your home now and reap the profits?  Well, you still need somewhere to live don’t you?  So if you think in a booming market you’re going to sell high and buy low, you might want to re-think that.

Ottawa offers a great place to live and work.  Remember that dream; work, life, balance??

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Click the link for a PDF view.  Increase year over year 2016

As this recent newspaper ad demonstrates, the real estate market in Ottawa has been stable and growing over 60 years.  In that time, (1961, 1962, 1994, 1995 & 1996) only 5 years have shown negative growth.  There have been the few odd years in the early 1970’s that growth in value was explosive but for the most part, Ottawa is stable and steady with very few booms and almost no busts.  It’s like blue chip stocks, not overly exciting but good, steady and safe growth.

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