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WOW!  Our vacation plans have gone out the window!  Too busy to leave town now!  This summer has been unusually busy and we think we have the long hard winter and the short cold spring to thank for that.

Most years, the summer is a time that slows down for real estate sales.  Not to the point of November and December, but slow considering April through June are normally very hectic.  All this just goes to say that the experts seem to have gotten this one right!  Most of our associates in the business have said that the market was delayed this year in the 45 to 60 day range and that is what we are seeing.

If you are thinking about selling, it should remain a good market for the rest of the summer.  One warning though.  Make sure your home is in tip top shape from roof to basement and all points in between.  The buyers have lots of choice and many average and below average homes are being past over.  Check your roof, windows, furnace, air conditioning and plumbing.  These are areas most home owners don’t pay attention to until it’s either too late or a building inspection reveals problems that can cause the sale of your home to fall through. | C&D Brooklyn Roofers can make all necessary repair to roof, windows and siding. BE PROACTIVE! Stay ahead of the game!

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