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After a long, long cold and snowy winter Spring has arrived.  Slowly, but it is here.  With Spring comes some challenges to those in or wanting to get into the real estate market.

First, if your home has been on the market for a month of eve a few weeks, the look of your home from the outside has certainly changed since it was listed.  Get new outdoor photos right now!  Look at our listed homes.  All have new updated exterior photos.  Check out other site.  Many homes still have photos with snow piled up to the roofs.  This is not good as it gives the buyers who view website at a fast clip, the immediate impression (wrongly or rightly) that the home has been on the market too long.  I can’t belive the number of newspaper ads out there at this time of year showing homes with pile of snow.

Pricing is also an issue at this time of year.  Most agents feel (and the stats prove us right) that the Spring is an active market so when doing our evaluations, we often feel robust in what the market will do.  This sometimes does not pan out so adjusting prices downwards in the Spring, despite what statistic says, can be something that needs to be done.  When too many homes hit the market in Spring and the buyers have lots of choice, this put pressure on prices.

Finally, check your basements and attics for leaks.  It’s a perfect time for leaks to be exposed.  April Showrrs don’t only bring May flowers, they bring leaks into your home.  Check your basement and attic.  A leak may not penetrate into your home through the roof right away but sings of leaking may be visible.  Before listing your home, get leaks fixed.

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