IMG_4845I couldn’t be more pleased with the way Mindi and Irwin handled the purchase of my new home and the quick sale of my current home.   I called Irwin and Mindi late on a Friday afternoon and told them that I had stumbled upon my “dream house” and that I wanted to buy it… immediately!  Irwin responded and said…  “no problem… let’s see what we can do”.  Now this may seem like a straight forward sale but I had one minor glitch… I currently own a home that wasn’t on the market yet, let alone ready to be put up for sale.  This was going to prove to be a challenging situation for me.


The most stressful aspect of this process was the fact that my ability to purchase this new home was dependent on the sale of my current home.  Mindi and Irwin came to my home and provided me with research on the recent housing market and on homes of similar value in my area.  I knew that if I wanted my home to be sold quickly, I had to price it appropriately and ensure that it showed as well as it possibly could.  Together, we came up with a great price and I followed all the suggestions they made to ensure my house was ready.


I’m happy to say that my home was only on the market for a total of 8 days before I received a conditional offer that has since been firmed up.  I was able to finalize the sale of my little “dream house” and am in the process of packing!


Throughout this process, Mindi and Irwin were always available to answer my questions and guide me along the way.  They were calm when I was stressed and made this process as smooth as it possibly could have been.  Irwin did an amazing job negotiating both deals for me.  I feel like I got a fair deal from the seller of the new home and the ultimate selling price I wanted for my current home.  There is absolutely no way I would have been able to do this on my own.


This is the second time I have used Mindi and Irwin’s services.  If there is a third, I will be sure to call on them again!