Todd C.

When I was first posted from Washington, DC to the Ottawa area back in 2008 I had the pleasure of dealing with Mindi and Irwin (more Mindi at the time) with the purchase of a home in the Barrhaven area.  I was highly impressed with Mindi’s extreme professionalism and friendly disposition with dealing with clients dealing with finding and purchasing that dream home.

When I received my posting message eight years later taking me from the Ottawa area out to British Columbia and starting to make my arrangements with Brookfield (being military) I was asked who I was selected as my relator and without a moment hesitation I informed them that I would be dealing with Mindi/Irwin again as they left a lasting impression on me from when I purchased my home.

Again I was impressed with both of their professionalism and friendly disposition when dealing with a client as it pertains to selling their primary residence especially in the NCR.  With the amount of military members that are constantly coming and going every year along with personnel who are not in the military it is extremely easy for one person/family to be forgotten or overlooked in the grand scheme of things.  From the time that I first contacted them until the time that my home actually had a SOLD sign placed on the lawn I never got that feeling when dealing with them.


Master Seaman