Pascale & Luc Genereux

To who may have to move to NCR /Ottawa

Outstanding services of Mindi Hartman

We are a military family, and during the summer 2012 we were posted back to Canada.  Having decided to move to the West of Ottawa, our selection of Mrs Mindi Hartman was key to ensure a smooth relocation process. She went beyond our expectation to find houses meeting our many criteria.  She ensured that the limited time we had was well spent so as to select the best house and complete the necessary steps to complete the transaction.  Her experience and network of contacts and professionals has greatly facilitated our relocation.  Even once relocated, she was still available to help us find tradesmen and contractors in order to do some upgrades and repairs we were hoping to do.  We strongly recommend her to any family who is relocating in the Ottawa area. Her dedication, performance and hard work before, during and after our relocation were above our expectations.